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VYB - as an Electronic Artist / Producer

Vyb, also known as Derek Leung, is born and raised in Toronto, Canada where he began his journey to produce something more than sound. Vyb creates music, emotions and atmosphere. His first EP, “Vyb w/ me” , was produced by packing as many influences in as possible, kind of like stuffing your face with your mom’s cooking after eating mac and cheese for 2 months. Vyb creations are catchy, fresh and distinctive in their use of Maschine, and Launchpad in production, performancem and in the bedroom (and the studio too, wherever the influences hits him).


Just 2 months into launching this project, Vyb has performed alongside Neisha Dunn opening for Jocelyn Alice in December 2015, placed Top 5 in Slaight Music’s “It’s Your Shot” competition, and is set to release his first EP on February 12th. Notably, the EP features a buffet of vocal talent featuring different artists lending their flavour to the electro ‐ pop style Vyb has established.

Before the name Vyb came to be, he worked with various artists as a producer, recording engineer, and mix engineer. His releases include remixes for Jin and Choclair, an original track released through Island Def Jam, and a wide range of independent artists.

VYB - as a VISUAL MEDIA Producer

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Media & Communication Studies (MIT Program) and Popular Music Studies from Western University, he became the full-time Marketing Director for 94.9FM CHRW, Radio Western, a campus/community radio station with an annual budget of approx. $350,000. At Radio Western, he produced promotional audio, print and visual material, and managed various sponsorships, branding, and marketing intiatives.

A year and a half later, he became the full-time Photography & Video Production Coordinator at the University Students' Council of Western University (Western USC), an university organization with an nnual budget of approx. $20,000,000. At Western USC, he managed, designed and produced promotional visual media (photography, video, print) for various advertisements, concerts, events, experiential marketing campaigns, lobbying intiatives, and, social media.

With a background in music and audio production, Vyb has worked on audio and music for various commercials including American Express Cloud 10, Culture Days, Atmosphere, and more as an independent producer. His work is also heard in various short films and documentaries showcased at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).

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